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The Organized Life Guide to Organizing Papers & Files

If you've ever

  • Wasted time looking for files and papers you know you have somewhere,
  • Felt overwhelmed just by looking at the pile of mail that arrives each day,
  • Paid bills late, missed important events, or lost out on opportunitiesbecause you didn't have a way of storing bills, invitations, or important papers, or
  • Wished there were a way to stop doing battle with your mail, files, receipts, and documents...
Cover of The Organized Life Guide to Organizing Papers and Files

...then the Guide to Organizing Papers & Files is for you.

This comprehensive e-book is designed to help you take control of the paper in your life through step-by-step projects, insightful tips, and worksheets you can put to use to create a functional, effective paper management system.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to create guidelines that will help you decide once and for all what papers to keep—and what to toss
  • How to weed out the papers that are cluttering up your life
  • How to create a system for storing your papers so they're easy to find
  • How to deal with mail, vital documents, receipts, and other specialized papers
  • How to keep your filing system running smoothly with as little time and effort as possible

You'll also find tips on what to shred, figuring out whether a packaged filing system is the right choice for you, how to decrease paper clutter by going digital, and more—all for only $14.95.

If you're ready to tackle your papers and take back control of your desktop, your filing cabinets, and your time, click Buy Now to order your copy of The Organized Life Guide to Organizing Papers & Files today. (After you place your order, you'll receive an e-mail message with instructions on downloading your copy of the guide.)

Knack Organizing Your Home

Cover of Organizing Your Home

There are dozens and dozens of organizing books available. What makes mine special? 

It's full of images—more than 450—that help illustrate the organizing tips, techniques, products, and practices I recommend. The book covers every room in the house and features organizing projects you can tackle one by one.

My goal in writing Organizing Your Home was to help demystify the organizing process and make it accessible to as many people as possible, no matter how you define "organized," what size home you live in, or what your style is.

Organizing Your Home is a great resource for visual learners and people who want straightforward, realistic organizing advice with specific suggestions on effective tools and techniques for bringing more order to everyday life.

Here's what others have said about Organizing Your Home:

The field of books about home organizing is crowded, and it’s not easy to figure out which books are really worth our attention. Emily Wilska’s book, in the new Knack series, stands out as comprehensive, beautifully written, and entertaining. She offers tons of decluttering and storage solutions. I dare anyone to read this book and not find practical and elegant ideas in every chapter.
— Margaret Lukens, Owner, New Leaf + Company
[Emily’s] book is practical and talks about the psychology of being disorganized as well as providing pragmatic tips about organizing everything in your home.
— Little Paper Heart, How to Be Disorganized
The book doesn’t look to change your way of living but to work around it and allow you to make your way of living more efficient and streamlined. The contents of the book are based upon the real life experience of people who had a need for organizing and found solutions that were quick and easy.
— Kevin, Handy Man Fix Home Repair
Though this author’s reality is different from my own, I found many useful tips and ideas, along with great color pictures, in this handy guide for organizing every area of your home. A list of helpful resources is included at the end of the book.
— Librarian Laurie, Renton (WA) Library
I bought this book after starting to try and organize my home and discovering that among other things I had enough bandages (stored all over the house) to supply a small clinic. Clearly I needed help. This book is so great that I have been giving it as a gift (because I don’t want to loan it to anyone).
— Diane Claerbout, Stanford, CA
Winner: Best Organizing Book
— 2009 Organizing Awards, Los Angeles

Pick up a copy of Organizing Your Home from Amazon, Powells, your favorite local bookstore, or your local library today and get inspired to start living a more organized life!